Thursday, June 12, 2008

Creative inspiration - Recycled

Inspiration on how to re-use and will maybe convince me to grab that chair I have been eyeing on the side of the road and do something with it!

For some reason when I think recycled I never really think modern. I tend to think more country, eclectic, vintage and rustic. I have been proven wrong. Above is the Zulu Mama chair from ABChome. It is made out of recycled plastic and steel.

Above are two custom pieces from Industrial Art here in Vancouver, the top one is using an old propeller while the bottom one is a chandelier made out of an old gear. Industrial Art's mission is to "utilize materials and technology, normally considered waste as raw material for innovative and functional design." I just love how they incorporate something so old and used into a sleek beautiful product.

This is one of my favorites (I found it on inhabitat.) not only because it incorporates booze but because I have always loved these barrels. My parents actually have a side table made from one, but it is very rustic. I love how Uhuru design has totally re-invented the idea of using barrels and that chair is so modern! On a side note I love Uhrur's logo -its on the website.

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