Monday, June 16, 2008

Days Five Six and Seven - the end

Day Five Spent = $25.00

So the day started off well, no cravings for a latte, well planned meals and then an invite to a pot luck that night!! I would have planned a large extravagent item to prepare - but this time I had to use my imagination to think up something out of what I had in my fridge. The only thing I could make was salad, and offer some of my hamburger patties, if someone else could bring some buns. It turned out perfect, a friend of mine and I went in on a large delicious salad. We had more than enough very tasty food to eat (there were only 6 of us) and it was a really fun time - we even had a great discussion about my fiscal fast and if it was a valid fast! (more on that later)
That is when things started to go down hill. Everyone was in a pretty good mood and I was really enjoying myself. Everyone was heading out to the bar and I really wanted to join everyone. It has been a long time since we had all been out and we were meeting some more people at the bar. Luckily they picked a bar with no cover so I thought it was a safe enough bet! Well I forgot about a few things like - cabs, and joint tabs. We cabbed it down there and while I didn't pay I felt really bad for allowing my housemate to pay for me. In order to help me from spending any money at the bar my great friend took my cash for the night so that I wouldn't be spending the cash. But I can't lie and did end up giving her 25 dollars which was my contribution to the tab. I did x-nay the club (with cover) because I felt like that would just be breaking the fast too much! haha A positive is I walked home - only a 30 minute walk- and a blister long! (I must admit going out on Friday was worth every penny. I had some great times, saw some people I hadn't seen in awhile, and just generally had a blast!)

Day Six - Spent = $21.53

Saturday I went hiking to Buntzen Lake. A city bus even goes up there. Hiking was a great trip that day - it was challenging, beautiful, rewarding and cheap! I packed the left overs from the pot luck the night before and headed up. A great free day! (Minus dinner)

Day Seven - Spent = $10.50

Weekends are hard! Getting together with friends is a difficult thing to do without spending money especially if you don't want to be a downer and make your friends do out of their way just to hang out. I went for breakfast with some girl friends(Paul's Place) and then went back to one of the girls places and had a great long chat. I calculated it and it cost me 2 dollars an hour for that activity - well worth it!

Phew it is over. I know it wasn't a real fiscal fast, and I did cheat a LOT, but it did make me think about all the small purchases I make on a weekly basis and don't even think about it. I also realized that stress and tiredness makes me more susceptible to purchasing - and believing that I NEED it!

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