Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day four

Day 4 - Spent $3.95
9:00 am This morning was a rush of activity, with me trying to get into work early, my boyfriend forgetting his cell phone at my house, and I forgot my lunch.  Luckily I had those oatmeal backups. 

2:00pm  Another lunch provided by my company.  I might have arranged this meeting and ordered food for it, but I did it before I knew I was doing this fiscal fast.  I am still thanking my lucky stars that I picked this week to do the fiscal fast. 

5:00pm All this free food is great, but it isn't very healthy.  I think I should think twice before just taking because it is free. Ugh. I don't feel so good. 

9:00pm I went to volleyball tonight, and then went to the community center to work out.  I know that earlier I said I wasn't going to go because it did cost me money, but I over-ruled it with the importance of feeling good, and making healthy decisions. Although I did record the cost in my daily spending. The workout was worth every penny!

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