Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day Three - Breaking the Fast

Money Spent - $75.00

10:00am - So I had to break the fast. I had a physio appointment and was in dire need since hurt my back last week. I do have one consolation though, most of it is covered by my health care plan. However I am still putting down the plastic and consuming.

2:00pm - I love free lunches, I was a part of a meeting today where lunch was provided. I did, however, have to present at this meeting, so it wasn't all pleasantries, but none the less I got some free food. I am however at a loss tonight on what to do. I don't just want to sit about being a bum because I can't spend a sent, however not a cent does limit things when the weather isn't stellar.

9:00pm - I almost had a breakdown on the way home from work, I wanted to buy anythying - sushi, coffee, i probably would have bought an elephant riding a bicycle if I could have. And then I went by a bus stop with ING's ad - There is no such thing as saver's remorse. (There website has more) I have always loved that billboard, and now it seems to resonate even more! I now love ING!

I found a movie I rented a couple weeks ago but never watched, great night for movie watching too since it's grey outside. I have been getting a lot of invites for the weekend so it should be interesting to see if I will be able to keep it up - it might have to be a weekday fast!

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