Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day Two

Dollars spent - 0.00

5:00 pm Everything so far today has gone well. I didn't even bother to hover around the meeting room doors at 1:00pm when the lunches from the meetings are being released. I've come across a dilemma however- I bought this 10 times pass to the community center, so technically if I use that pass I will not be spending money the moment I go in, but every time I use the pass it costs me money. So can I use it this week? I don't know. I have been craving to go for a swim for about a week now, so I really want to say that it doesn't count, but I think I would be wrong, and so I can't swim tonight... or for the rest of the week.

9:00pm Alternate swim - So I really really wanted to go swimming, and well, since there is an ocean 3 blocks away, I thought I would try it. Donning my housemate’s wetsuit I headed for Jericho beach. To my surprise there was a lifeguard there. The water was not as cold as I thought, but it was littered with garbage and opaque with silt. I was afraid that when I put my head under the water I would be able to see the bottom with my goggles on, but nope, I just saw brown milkiness. The swim was cut short since I freaked myself out thinking a big gross fish was going to come nibble at my toes. I was only in the water for 15 minutes! So much for a workout! I will have to find a different type of activity for the rest of the week!

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