Friday, June 13, 2008

Free Fun- Car Free

This Sunday, June 15th is CarFreeVancouver day. There are several street parties going on around town (Kits, Commercial, Main and Davie) where the whole street will be blocked off to cars and will be full of preformers, and artists instead. This events motto is Less cars -> More community. What a true statement, I always feel so removed for life and society when I am in my car - this metal box of seclusion. Going off on a tangent, that might be why there is less of a sense of community in suburbs, which are designed for drivers (where the stores are all at the entrance to the community - driving distance away - instead of dispursed throughout the area.) I wonder if there is more obesity in suburbs as well?

Anyway - I am super pumped to check out these street festivals - I think I might check out all four - by bike of course! (Listen while you pedal with these tunes!)

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