Monday, June 23, 2008


Okay - major lack of posts - I have been away for a cousin wedding - but man did I get some inspiration!! I am looking forward to exploring all the ideas that were touched in that short visit home... Until then I will stay on the past posting track.... Apartment hunting - so lets say you found the best place ever but it is only 600 square feet - for two bedrooms! What do you do when you want to have people over? Well you have paper furniture!
I first saw these expandable paper seats at Inhabitat - they are from Vancouver based Molo Design. As you can see from the image below their versatility allows you to do anything with them .If you want to snake around like this - you will need more than one unit - but it's easy to connect them - they have magnets on the ends! I was still doubtful of the strength of this design (I thought that those models were just really good at looking comfortable in a squat!) So I did a little looking up on the honeycombed structure and I was wonderfully proven wrong - as it seems - honeycomb is used in many applications that need and high strength to weight ratio such as skis, and planes!!! If it is strong enough for the wing of a plane, I am sure it is strong enough for me! Molo also has expandable screens and room dividers as Jackie Von Tobel wrote about it on her blog. he Softseating collection was just acquired by New York's Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection

Molo aren't the only people with this idea as you can see in this video.
Expandable Honeycomb Paper Furniture
"This piece was created by industrial design students from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The honeycomb material is made of recycled paper, and can stretch from 30 to 720 cm (almost 24 ft.), seating as many as 16 adults." - Centripetal Notion A frugal note:
If you don't want to buy these expandable pieces of furniture take some inspiration from Charles Kaisin and glue some newspaper together for those extra guests... just make sure you have some warning time before they show up!

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