Thursday, June 19, 2008

House Hunting

Looking for a new place to rent is never fun. I used to think it was amusing but the illusion has worn off for me - I have just become a craigslist junkie.... Below is a little compilation of great room finds... to keep me going!

This is a basement suite, but they did such a good job with the mirror on the right side and the lighting that I actually would like to live here. I also love the brick.

Who doesn't love industrial buildings converted into apartments? The cement, exposed brick, and wood ceiling make me want to take out my checkbook right now - If only they made more two bedroom lofts!

Even dated can be great - sooo much storage, and that light over the table is great with the 60s decor - notice the wood on the ceilings - a great contrast with the white cabinets and accents the vaulted ceilings - cottage cozy feel for sure!... imagine if there was a wood burning fire place?

This is one of those things I would never put in my own house, but how much fun would it be to have a focal point like that? The wood paneling on the ceiling with fluorescent (i think) lights are classic as well - great way to get the friends out at the end of a party - turn on the ugly lights!

I love retro - but am I ever going to put in wood cabinets like this? Probably not. Might as well enjoy someone else's! I imagine that they look a lot cleaner than the white ones that most rental places have = less cleaning = happiness.

Of course this is way out of my price range, and no where I want to live - but hey you can never say a) there is nothing nice out there, b) rentals as so plain c) they just get the cheapest stuff out there. You just have to become house poor to get it!

And so the search continues......

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