Friday, June 27, 2008

On lookers

So we had new observers today at beach volleyball. These were not the normal observers you would expect (friends, family, lovers) - they were two (assumed) homeless guys. They had a system down. Each had a shopping cart, but not the normal kind, they had ones that specifically met their needs. On the back of the carts they had made little holders to hold bottles and other necessities. They then proceeded to produce makeshift stools and a table in which they laid their night meal. The food was plentiful and varied and they sat together quite satisfied. They watched our games with only a chain link fence in their way of perfect sight lines.
They sat eating and watching the teams bump, set, spike before they capped off the night with a joint. Really quite an enjoyable night, if you ask myself. I am so impressed with their resourcefulness and their they way they engineered a way to satisfy all of their needs. It really made me realize that you don't need a cent to be satisfied. Not one.
This might just be the inspiration to try a real fiscal fast sometime.... until then I will be taking notes from our spectators.

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