Monday, June 16, 2008

Vantivity - Buntzen Lake

I have been introduced to a new little watering hole Buntzen Lake. Just north of Port Moody BC Hydro damed a river and then made the area around the reservoir into a recreational facility. A pretty dam good place for that might I say, although I can only speak from one visit.
Saturday's adventure took me around Diez Vistas loop - a trail to the west of B. Lake. The trail takes you up to a ridge between B.Lake and the Indian Arm. As you can see below one of the Diez Vistas allows you to look back down the Indian Arm back towards downtown Vancouver. It is pretty surreal to be looking upon all those lives going about their daily activities. Views like this give me the bi-polar feeling of being different and removed from the world, while also being one of the many disposable worker ants in the Vancouver colony.

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