Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Wood

So my cousin's wedding is coming up this weekend, and I am stuck on what to get her for a wedding present. She has registered at The Bay and Home Evolution, however I don't know if my budget reflects my desire to get her something "just so". I really want to find something that comes from the heart, is compatible with her soon to be kitchen design theme, is useful, and will be used.

I looked over her registration at Home Evolution and she has chosen very simple, classic white tableware. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing! It means that nothing I give her will clash, but I have a feeling that she has a colour scheme in mind, but I am not going to know what that is.

So here is the best think I can come up with: A cutting board. It sounds lame when I say it like that, but I was thinking of getting a handmade cutting board that you can sometimes get on Granville island. The pieces of wood are original and have interesting knots etc... I headed down there to find my man, but I found out that he is not around for the next few months!!

Up a creek, I needed a plan of action - and I made one: I am going make one. Initially I just thought about going into the forest and finding a dead tree and hacking it up. But I think that is a little beyond my abilities, not to mention illegal in most places and unpractical (since I would also need a professional wood kiln.I followed a lead to go look at Lee Valley however they didn't have anywhere near the wood I needed. They would have the tools, if I were to do something special. I then stumbled upon the Vancouver Wood Arts Society website and emailed the President Jeff Trigg, where he directed me to Windsor Plywood, my new favorite place. The people in there are great, and it seems so low key and relaxed. I would be hanging out in there this weekend if I wasn't going home for this wedding!
So I now have 4 x 1 x 18 inch boards that I need to sand, glue together and make pretty by Saturday. Wish me luck!

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