Monday, July 7, 2008

Balancing Act

So I have been neglectful and not posting anything for a very long time. Last week was a blur of work, new people and getting ready for the weekend (we went on a surfing trip). This week I am on vacation from work, taking an art course for fun - who knew that I would use up vacation time to go to school?!? I guess this whole beauty/design/art thing is really getting under my skin!

Today we had a basic lesson on Balance - the negative and the positive space. It was amazing to see how a lack of balance between these two things can really put off an image. I am now see why many images that I see and think that I shouldn't like (due to colour or texture, or a displeasing theme) can still look good, even great!
Below are some images that I like because of the balance, not because of the content.
I have never really liked these advertisements - When I was a little kid I really liked things like this, with the old coke-cola signs and rusted tins but it seems like I have outgrown it, until I see something like this - Love the green and pink combo.
I'm not usually one for formal French design, but this is one I like, a lot. I love the repetition of squares, and the balance between the blue and white - its just perfect especially with that splash of darkness. This makes me reconsider my dislike for Formal French.

Despite being an image of a cage - I just like looking at it, all of the detail in both the negative and positive forms is memorizing.

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