Friday, July 11, 2008

Pimp my Ride

I am still waiting for my 100 dollar enviro check from the BC government, however I have been dreaming about what I am going to spend it on.  I have come to a conclusion.  I am going to pimp my ride - my bicycle that is.  I have my mom's 1982 Myata touring bike which I has been well loved by my for the past 7 years.  
There are a lot of bumps and scratches, however I think I can still revitalize it.  Here's the plan:
- replacing road handle bars with white commuter handle bars
- replace clear cable covers with white ones
- buy white walled tires
-spray paint water bottle holder and rear carrier rack (no currently on bike) white
- attach some sort or box or basket to the rear carrier
- cover the seat with white leather (and maybe some gel pad before that!)

I am worried that even with all these upgrades the scratched blue paint will look bad. I am looking into buffing out some of the scratches however I think that there are too many to do that with out repainting it and losing all the decals.  I might just polish it and wax it the frame.  Other than that I am just going to clean up the remaining chrome parts and voila! (Replace black with white and that is what I am going for) Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to pimp my ride, or better ideas?  Or do people think I am not using my 100 dollars wisely?

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