Friday, August 1, 2008

Pros and Cons

So before I ever make a big decision, I like to write out a pro and con list. I'll full admit to this supra geeky habit, but only to you! :) I hate when a decision comes down to the P&C list - and they usually do because I am so indecisive! So here I am pulling out the ol' P&Cs....


Black and White
- I already have a lot of black and white material.
- My furniture is already black and white
- I love the crisp clean contrast between the two
- I have failed once at designing black and white - I wouldn't want to end on that note
- I can make bold statements but if can soften it up with grey
- I can change the mood by simply changing the accent colour ( I can't paint the walls an accent colour)
- I have a B&W fabric/paint idea
- I really want to see how some of my pictures look in B&W
- I have a furniture resurfacing project for B&W
- I have picture frames, a lamp, shelves, accessories all in B&W
- Will possibly encourage me to be cleaner/more organized.

- Usually warmer feeling
- Hides dirt better
- Won't look as bad when I am messy
- I can display a lot of personal items that are not black at white
- Can be more romantic and whimsical
- Could create a more warm and welcoming feeling
- Less formal, possibly younger feeling
- Can use more natural wood tones (which I also like)
- I could resurface at least one piece of furniture in different colours


Black and White
- White will get dirty easily
- Bold colour statements can be a bit too strong for a bedroom
- If don't decorate well I could not like it again
- I have already had B&W for a year and a half
- I have a lot of personal items that are not Black and White
- Will need to be kept clean and tidy in order to look good
- Will it be inviting?
- I have wood floors and wood closet doors

- Expense - I will need to get new almost everything
- What colour to choose?
- I can't do many of the craft ideas I have thought of
- I will give up on Black and White

Hum..... It looks like this is going to be a tight race. And time is ticking - the week is almost over!
Anyone else have any pros and cons to add?

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