Friday, July 25, 2008

Quality vs Quantity

So I was biking with some friends to Deep Cove the other weekend and I had a very bull headed moment. I had biked around there before so I kind of knew were I was going so when my friends turned off my theoretical route, I questioned it quite vigorously (trending towards venomously) the route decision. But then my fellow biker said something that almost literally stopped me in my tracks. “Quality over Quantity, Ashley, we are going for Quality over Quantity.” That was it, that was what this blog is about. It is to remove my deeply ingrained sense of faster, bigger, better into more enjoyable, happier, fulfilled. Now I am no where near getting there but the rest of that bike ride I spent the time really taking in the ride, and enjoying it. Not trying to get there faster. And what a beautiful ride it was. I saw an area I had never seen before and some spectacular views that I didn’t even know existed. If I ever do ride out to Deep Cove again, I will take that route…. As I will also try to always choose Quality of Quantity!

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