Monday, July 21, 2008


So I'm back from vacation (as noted from the lack of posts!). The good news is that I am plum full of post ideas - mainly thanks to the invigorating conversations I have had over the last two weeks. If nothing else this little hiatus has made me so thankful to have amazing, inspiring, and diverse people in my life. Their thoughts on the world contantly push me to view things in a different light. I hope I never become deaf to the wise words of my friends....

Below are a few images to keep my light, airy and carefree vacation feeling alive. All images are from House to Home(UK) I love the way they have placed the vases in front of the fire place. It really summer's up the black box!
Nautical but without the blue and red! I love the muted colours next to the deep dark wood.
Summer reading? Yes please!

Not your normal summer look but the mixture of light sand colours make me think of the beach, and the hint of lime green - so fresh! I will probably refer to this picture when I go to redocorate my bedroom!
Summer entertaining. This looks like it took a little too much work for the summer time, but it does lend an image of long relaxing meals full of discussion and and laughter.

Calm.... that is the only word for it.

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