Thursday, August 28, 2008

Charge away....

How many items do you charge on a regular basis? I charge 3, my phone, ipod and camera. The sight of those tangled cords lying on my floor gives me anxiety! (And apparently I am not the only one) To combat this, against my better judgement to live minimally, I have done some charging station window shopping. Here are my top 5 choices (FYI – my choice criteria was based on - like most things in my life - beauty, cleverness, and functionality….)
  1. Bedford Smart Recharge Station: This is the first charge station I ever laid my eyes on(while browsing Pottery Barn)! Despite seeing many other choices, I am still drawn to this one because of the clean lines, the detail in the handle and the functionality of the drawer. I just love the thought of having a drawer to handle all incoming mail etc. It is a nice little unit which I think would greatly decrease the clutter at the front door!

  2. The Sanctuary by Blue Lounge: This modern super sleek charging station was featured in Azure Magazine. I like that it’s compact, sleek, modern, and functional. There is extra storage level below the top shelf, and the felt top keeps your gadgets from sliding around. It also has built-in adaptors which are compatible with hundreds of different gadgets. This frees up your charge cord for somewhere else, like your travel bag! The only downside is if you own a device that they don’t have an adapter for!

  3. Ikea – DIY: This one by lifehacker makes my list because I love that it is only 3 dollars and it actually doesn’t look too bad! You could eve style it up a bit (glue/tape some fun paper on the sides) and it would be awesome! I would probably drill a bigger hole in the bottom corner for the power bar to go through. The larger hole might also add some needed ventilation.

  4. Stelton Super Charger: This small sleek unit was featured in Style at Home (September 2008). I like the compact format – it would be great for taking with you and the sleek silver trim adds some nice style. I am worried that it might be too small, and the circular shape might make the square devices being charged look messy.

  5. Charging Bulletin Board: If you have enough room on the wall this is a great multipurpose unit to not only to organize your gadgets but also keep yourself organized. I could totally see this between my entrance and kitchen. Listen to some tunes while cooking, while also not having a long distance to write down a grocery list! I would probably cover the cork with some pretty fabric or paper...

Here is to many years of stress free charging!

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