Friday, August 8, 2008

Hanging Jewellery

Storing jewellery is difficult. My necklaces get knotted, I lose one earring to 'the void', while other earrings cling to on another and rings get scraped and bumped around at the bottom. However I love my jewellery, and wouldn't leave it for all the tangles in the world! Thanks to a Style and Home magazine and my friend Megan, I managed conjure up a plan to banish the jewellery box blues.

Below is an image of what I did. Super simple, since my crafting skills are still novice at best! Sorry I don't have any real before and during photos...


  • Paint
  • Cork board
  • Wallpaper sample (you can usually get a large sample if you look interested)
  • Wood Glue
  • Exacto knife and cutting surface


  • Paint the trim of the cork board (I sprayed urethane on the trim as well it because the paint was water based) I would also paint a little bit of the cork around the edges, in case you cut your wallpaper a little bit too small
  • Measure and cut the wallpaper to the inside of the trim
  • Glue wallpaper in. Make sure to remove any bubbles, or wrinkles. Make sure to get the glue all along the edges of the wallpaper to prevent peeling too.
  • Let dry
  • Add pins (see top left corner for two that I added) in desired places, attach to the wall and hang jewellery.
Pretty simple hey?

If you want to add some detail, you can add some string or ribbon which can also make it easy to hang your earrings.

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