Monday, August 4, 2008

The winner: Black and White

So I know you have been dying all weekend to find out what my choice of room colour was.... I kept it to myself to maintain the suspense! (And I also moved in, unpacked and tried out a few colour patterns in my room.)
But seriously, was anything other than black and white really an option? I was pretty set on it, if not because of my competitive nature (I couldn't give up until I got it right!) but because I really like the mood crisp black against white makes me feel. For a moment there I thought that maybe light yellows and blues were the answer - but then my fear of colour choice kicked in and back to black it was. Maybe one day in the future I will bound into colour without hesitation, but for now, I'm sticking to the tried and true!
So now that the decision is made, I am off to make a storyboard. Has anyone seen some great black and white lately?
Below are some images that might find there way onto my storyboard.....

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