Monday, September 8, 2008

Easy Eco Mondays - Powerwise

So I look a little labour day holiday on my Eco Monday post - but I am back today - with a short but sweet post on Air Temperature


Has anyone seen the David Suzuki TV Powerwise commercials? They are pretty witty, but they convey simple messages on how to conserve everyday. Below is the one that I initially saw. You can watch them all at This commercial is about keeping your a/c really low in the summer.... seriously - who wants a house at 20 degrees in the summer? I want to be able to walk around my house in shorts and a tee.... 25 degrees is a minimum for that!

On a side note: I used to remember at university where we would try and wait as long as possible before turning on the furnace. Some of my friends made it all the way into December, which is amazing for Kingston, Ontario.... I think my house only made it to the end of October..... But compared to how I just turn it on without thinking now of days - that's pretty great. So this fall, I am going to throw on one of those stylish sweaters and a pair of socks before I head to the thermostat!

Every degree counts!

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