Monday, September 22, 2008

Extremely Easy Eco Monday - Old t-shirts

Sorry for the late post today - I haven't had a moment at my desek all day!

This post is extremely easy and I am sure that most of us already do it, but I thought I would re-iterate it since we use these on site all the time! Take your old cotton t-shirts and cut them into a few piece for rags. They soak up wet messes well, and are nice and soft for your nice furniture. I even use some to clean windows or mirrors! Here on site, we actually buy boxes of used tshirts, I assume the left over from thrift stores. They are everywhere on site, and are great in the trucks for when you need to check the oil. The best thing about them though, and reviewing the great oldschool logos on the tshirts - some really brighten your day!


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