Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Island House

My second post on Toronto island - Wards Island Houses
They are just amazing - each house is so unique, it takes hours to take them all in. The best part about the neighbourhood I think is that there are no roads, only walk ways between the houses, a neighbour across the 'street' is about as far away as your next door neighbour - I like that.

Character anyone?

Like the houses the people here are so unique. Some are busy working away at at some household task, some are helping, some are relaxing and enjoying a home made sandwich in the garden, while others have lively arguments with family. Each posess this sense of calm (yes even the one arguing!) and rustic flair to match their homes. They all own bikes fitted with the most extensive parcel carring systems. Whether it be a wagon they pull behind their bike, or just extra large paniers covering every possible spot, or the makshift baskets bungeed on here and there. They all serve the purpose of getting their everyday bought items from the mainland back home.

Note the slant and the peeling paint - Adds charm!

The homes themselves are in many different states. Boarders are fuzzy here - between rustic, and run down, ecclectic and junky, between holiday home and vacation cottage (I am in Ontario now, they call cabins cottages!) and full time residence. Some have well manicured lawns, others have natural flowing gardens, and yet others have overgrown landscapes. Somehow however, it all seems to fit.

Extremely well kept - and the sign in the window -Boycott Toronto Island Airport - makes me think these are year round residents!

A view of Toronto from the Ward Island Ferry Terminal

One of the best things I saw - and I am so sad I didn't get a photo of were plants in people's bikes - I don' t think they were just bringing them home - I think these plants had a permenant residence on the bike - and added a nice spruce to it!

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