Friday, October 17, 2008

Buy less, DIY more.

I am feeling rather uninspired these days and not from lack of inspirational material; Desire to Inspire, and Apartment #34 have been posting some lust worthy items fore sure! It is just that maybe it doesn’t feel right to lust with the economic turmoil. So I tried to remedy this by looking for some fun DIYs and before and afters on Design*Sponge. And so it is a few DIYs that have started to lift me from my inspiration dry spell and I will share today. Hopefully these can be incorporated into my imaginary living situation to be described next week!

So enjoy these DIYs

The wood clock from Design*Sponge

Design Sponge

I love how this rustic clock can still look crisp clean and modern. I would probably put more numbers on the clock than just 12, but I just love the idea.

The log candle holders - here and here

This idea originally came from my mom, who found a log on the side of the road and dragged it back to our cabin. She explained to me her vision – to have the log standing on its end, and to have 3 large diameter candles sunk into the the top of the wood (by drilling out holes). She would then leave it outside as and light it when we had guests coming over.

Unfortunately my dad, not knowing this idea threw out the log, and so the project was never completed. However it had me thinking, has anyone else done this? I searched a bit online and found these two DIYs; they aren’t quite what my mom had described, but still a great idea!

DIY Network

The Chandelier Blog

This appears like it could be a made for minimal effort and skill (which I like!) but still have make a great bold peice! I wonder how it would look with branches that still have the bark on them? And what would it look like with LEDs? Or with fern leaves hanging outside? The posibilites are endless!

Do you notice a trend with these DIYs? They relate to a post I am working on for next week... stay tuned!

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