Monday, October 20, 2008

Easy Eco Mondays - Phantom Energy

To follow up on my post on charging stations, I wanted to address the issue of having chargers or electronics constantly plugged in. It is arguable as to how much Phantom Energy is used by leaving chargers plugged in, however I am still a firm believer that every little bit counts! Below is a list of ways to combat this from easy to moderately involved.

  1. Unplug the power cord for your electronic or charger from the wall every time you are not using the product.

  2. Before leaving on a long trip, unplug all electronics and chargers.

  3. Add an on-off switch to your wall socket. They cost about 15 dollars from Home Depot and work wonders. I think their main purpose is for rooms where you don’t have an overhead light but you want to be able to turn a lamp on as soon as you walk in the room. However it would also work well if you had all your electronics plugged into one of these. You would just switch off the outlet when you leave the room.

  4. Smart Strip Power Strips. (As introduced to me here by Beth) They have three different types of outlets; one is the Control, some are Automatic, and some are Constants. It works like this: You plug most of your items into Automatic outlets, then you choose an electronic to control the power to your Automatics and plug that into your Control outlet. Whenever you turn off your Control electronic, it cuts the power to all your Automatic electronics. You also have some Constants which are not affected by the control electronic. I think this would make sense the most in a home entertainment unit.

  5. Have your outlets wired so that the power to them can be turned on and off by a switch on the wall. This would work quite well for the room you have the TV and stereo in. One flick of the switch and all of your electronics would be turned off!

Hopefully one of these ideas gets you unplugging!

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