Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sharpie Creations

can I use sharpies on a daily basis at work, how lucky am I?!? I would have to say they are probably my favourite writing tool...Below are some more creative ideas for sharpies.....
Revamp -
My friend had a pair of black boots that were looking kind of tired, then a few days later they looked amazing! I ask her what she did and she said "sharpied them". Apparently she just took a sharpie to it and spruced it up a little! The key is to evenly cover the whole boot and then apply some black shoe polish to make it look more natural!

Refinish -
I just love this armoire by Anne James, as seen on Haute*Nature, and since I love black and white, I thought it would be great to do this to one of my pieces at home but with just a black Sharpie - I would make sure to get ones with different pen tip thicknesses in order to mix it up!
Via Haute*Nature

Wall art -

Who needs wallpaper when you have a sharpie? As seen on Design*Sponge, you can create your own wall texture with just a flick of the wrist, or rather several flicks! It would work great with a stencil, since you won't have to worry about it leaking and ruining the pattern!

Via Design*Sponge

Shirt options -

Since sharpies don't wash out - they are great for making shirt designs - you can create your own drawing on a plain shirt, add a little something (such as an environmental slogan) to an already designed shirt, or try this modern twist of TieDye.

Via about.com

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