Monday, November 24, 2008

Easy Eco Monday - Visual Reminders

I got this idea today while logging into Hotmail. On the home pages, there is a link to "Hell On Earth - Ecological Disaster Tourism" - locations to visit if you want to witness some of the world’s worst man-made disasters for yourself.

While the idea of spending my holiday in an ecological disaster didn't sound too convincing, I thought about what a great impact it would have on my life... but I wondered if the impact would wear off and I would go back to some of my bad eco habits? If so, how would I make sure to avoid this? Well my solution for this is to have images up around the house in locations where I do most of my bad habits such as in the kitchen, in front of the garbage, beside my car keys, near my computer and printer, or in my wallet for every time I want to buy a bottle of water. I would hope that those visual reminders would keep me in line....

So until I take a holiday to an ecological disaster, here are some images that I could use in the mean time.....

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