Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oliver and Lilly's

A little over a month ago I found, just off Granville street, this adorable shop - Oliver & Lilly's. I was walking home along 13th Ave and the window display literally pulled be across the street!! Inside I was greeted with this tree -

It is so simple, yet intricate and interesting and... I absolutely love it but I just can't seem to find the perfect word to describe it! The store beyond the tree is a truly unique and lovely store. The displays are divine, with loads of texture, colour and layers, just the perfect touches to compliment the great clothes!
This store is such an inspiration - not only for my wardrobe (which I know will improve ten times now that O&L is sooo close) but also for my home - Styling ordinary objects can create that sense of magic! It reminds me of back in the day, when I used to make my mom's dinning room center pieces - I loved collecting random objects from around the house and arranging them... I encourage everyone to take a walk down 13th Ave, and drop by! Go for the tree, and you'll stay for the clothes! (If you aren't in the Vancouver area, check out their blog!)
All images from O&L.

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