Thursday, December 18, 2008

For Every Guy on your list....

Yesterday I posted gifts for all the girls you know, well now I have a list from etsy for the guys in your life... Best of luck if you have to venture to the shops this last weekend before Christmas!

For your cousin who looks very unhappy at family gatherings unless he is listening to his Ipod, but comes from the forgetful side of the family...

Minty Boost Portable iPod/USB charger from Moses410

For your boyfriend who always gets more comments about his t-shirts are parties than you do your outfits!
T-Shirt by PasteTshirts
For your brother who always gets marks taken off from his assignments for doodling in the margins, and comes home late at night with spray paint on his index finger.
Moleskine Cahier by shoofly
For your crazy uncle who shows up everywhere with his front tire and helmet in hand, has been in several bike accidents yet still rides when the temperatures drop below zero and there is a foot of snow on the ground...Or for the grandad married to the grandmother who got the queen clock!

Recycled Bike Clock by 1byliz

For your tight guy friend who just moved back to town and into a new apartment after traveling the world for 2 years...
Custom Tree Triptych by EarthArt

For your dad, who exclusively makes meals on the BBQ, and wants all the guys to come out and watch him grill when your parents entertain...

Howling Wolf Original BBQ Sauce by HowlingWolfSauces

For your boyfriend who loves new gadgets, but also throws his backpack down like there isn't a new $2000 laptop in it every time he comes home from work...
Laptop Sleeve Customized by Dorydesigns
For your [other] boyfriend, who just recently admitted to making mixed tapes for the girls he liked in elementary school... and who still has a great taste in music!

Mixtape Wall Art in Moss green by teaforbini

For your geeky structural engineer friend who will calculate if this truss structure is actually viable.

Truss Bridge Shirt by Slowshirts

For your over the top gay friend who can contort his body into more elaborate yoga poses then you can!

(just joking!! - this was an April fools joke from LuLu Lemon!)

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