Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Every Girl on Your List.....

Since I can't shop up here at work, and I still have a few presents yet to purchase I have been browsing etsy for some ideas, so that when I return to town, I can make one quick and effective shopping trip and put my present woes to an end!

Here are some of my favorite etsy finds for all the wonderful women in your life....

For your nature lover friend who is calm and serene and always has candles burning, especially while doing downward dog every morning.
Billie Candleholders by jeanpelle

For your mom who can never find anything in her purse and ends up taking all the contents out just to find the right lipstick.

Purse Organizer by emidesigns

For your said mother who doesn't want a big purse because she can never find anything (see above solution) but walks out the door with a purse so full she can't close it and an old shopping bag full of 'other stuff'.

Sunset Leafy Tote by Mareri

For your hipster cousin, who claims that she can't pull off the plaid or the scarf look....

Cotton Scarf by cipolla

For your best friend who always rallies and comes out with you on Friday nights, even though it is pouring out and she has worked a 60 hour week. And she still manages to look fabulous!

Aliexis Clutch By ao3designs

For your grandmother who has a great sense of humor...

Wall clock from nakeddecor

For your cousin's wife who always shows up at family events, with fresh baking, hand made gifts, and a beautiful handbag that she 'just stitched' together the night before!
Amy Butler Fabrics from fabriccloset

For your best friend, who has a few too many nicknacks, and who wants to travel the world to evoke change...

Recycled Map Treasure Box by HocusFocus

For your sister who landed her first great job, and has rapidly made the transition from university bum to stylish professional.

Bubble Earings by visionquest

For your friend who stops you mid sentence to write down that 'oh so neat' thing you just said on the back of a receipt that also has her grocery list and the phone number of a guy from the gym. Or for your brother who keeps on getting marks taken off his assignments because of the doodles in the margins.
Moleskin Cahier by shoofly

For the confidant who always orders tea and constantly asks if you feel that chilly draft...

Pemproke Cowl by Yokoo

For your crazy friend, who meets you to go shopping wearing 1970s sweatpants (stylishly rolled up), 2-3 different coloured layers, an 80s purse....she makes comments about how expensive buying new is, and how much better fabricated items from 'back in the day' are, but still encourages you to buy those flats, because they look so good on you!

Vintage Leggings by stephaniebracciano

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  1. I really love the Buxton Organizer! I got mine at .