Monday, December 22, 2008

Danish Christmas

I'm entranced with the Berzant family's organic and minimalistic holiday house. The rooms only get a slight rustic holiday dusting of decor without jeopardizing the original calm and crisp essence of the black and white space.

I adore how the original open and airy feel isn't lost, and the decorating effortlessly blends into the base decor, while still adding holiday warmth. I feel like I have been exposed to a new form of holiday decorating and I love it! The idea of decorating using the same principals already in use throughout your house is genius! I can't believe I have never thought if it before. Now it would just seem wrong to have an elaborate and intricate holiday decoration scheme in a modern, minimal setting, wouldn't it?

The Christmas tree is my favourite element in the house. Why must we kill trees just to have them in our house for a few weeks? It would be great to be able to pull in a potted tree from the yard every year (until it gets too big!) I think next year I will decorate one of my larger tropical plants for a lighter twist on the holiday tree!

I love this cloth advent calender. I was never a big fan of them, they all seem cheap and cheesy but this one is super cute! (and so is the little blond boy!) I also love the basket of antlers and greens, so unusually festive!

Its amazing how the one star in the window can add the holiday touch for the whole room. Talk about minimal decorations! I love it!

The home-made organic approach to the decor elements gives the feel that you are in a cabin outside the city. Just the thought of escaping the hustle and bustle increases my relaxation 10 folds!

You know that I like to decorate tables (as mentioned here and here) and this one has left me in awe. Simple, natural, rustic, and inviting.... perfect!

Is the decoration on the table for the holidays or year round? I love that I don't know....

The Berzant family house was featured in Bo Bedre and I found it via NestledIn


  1. I love that house! What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for your comments on mine!

  2. This is beautiful. So subtle and no need to take down in haste once the season is over!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting :)

    Happy Christmas!