Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to the Real World

So I am back from my fabulous trip down to warm and sunny California, as well as back from my holiday break with the family. It is now back to reality and back to the daily grind. But for some reason this year, I am embracing being back and having things be routine. I love having time again to browse my regular haunts and scoping out the 2009 posts so far. Some are recapping 2008, some are making 2009 resolutions, some are talking about 2009 trends, and others are just writing like it is just another day.

I am torn as to what topics I want to navigate through during these first new year posts since all of the above mentioned posts are wonderful and valid. I am a planner and a future thinker, so making goals and predictions comes naturally to me. I am also analytical and like to review the past. But recently I have been trying to stay focused on the present. So really, I want to tie everything into one, because just like my decor style, my thoughts and emotions are eclectic and sometimes almost random.

So I hope you enjoy this eclectic smattering of New Yearesque posts.....

Three things I wanted to write about while on vacation:

1) There has been some crazy weather this season!! Before the holidays Las Vegas even got snow! Back at home in Vancouver, they have received tons of snow since Dec 13th... more than a couple feet in total! Many many planes were delayed and work was cancelled due to poor commuting conditions! And the snow was not confined to only Vancouver, Toronto had a some back to back storms as well... This all adds up to it being a white Canadian Christmas from Coast to Coast for the first time since 1971!!

Photograph by Cleo Sullivan

2) Does anyone know of any light refreshing drinks for 2009? I want to find some not too sweet, not too strong sipping cocktails for the new year. Finally I might be able to avoid being that one person at the table who goes... um, ahh, let me see... before finally going with a glass of their house wine!

Photography by Victoria Granof

3) I just want to dress up. Lately I have had this unrelenting desire to go over the top with everything. I want bright fun jewellery, elegant gowns, and big and romantic hair! Unfortunately my cravings are not so practical, especially now with the recession. I wonder however, can I bring some luxury into my life for little to nothing?

Photography by Richard Phibbs


  1. I made up a cocktail with Starbucks passion lemonade and vodka. It's light and tasty. Vodka martinis are always the best for being not-too-strong I think!

  2. Thanks Jane! You just gave me a great idea... The next time I am heading over to a friends, I will drop by Starbucks and pick up a large passion lemonade to take with a flask of vodka... doesn't get classier than that! I like the thought of vodka as the alcohol in my drink, I find it the lightest and easiest to mix of all of the choices out there!