Friday, January 23, 2009

Floating Retreat

Check out this post from Inhabitat on a floating house in Lake Huron! With Lake Huron's fluctuating water levels, this is the ideal waterfront cabin, never would you have to climb down those steps during low water levels, nor would you have to worry about the shores lapping your house away when the water levels rise.

I also imagine it would be so relaxing, falling asleep to the rocking motions of the waves... ...that is unless there is a storm! I hope it is in a sheltered area because Ontario gets some nasty winter storms!
The home was prefabricated and then brought to the lake, where it was placed and secured onto pontoons resting on the ice. Once the summer came, and the ice melted, the house was tugged 80 kms to this remote island location. It's so lovely (and probably environmentally friendly) that this remote area of the lake didn't need to be disturbed by months of construction and personnel coming to and fro.... it really does add to the pristine nature of the area! (Check out these other floating houses on Inhabitat)


  1. :o That's amazing, I want to see it in person.

  2. holy cow... what a great idea. and it's beautiful!