Monday, January 19, 2009

Office Space

So I did a lot of de-cluttering at my desk this weekend, and i am feeling pretty confident about my work space... well that is, I was feeling good, until I saw this article from Martha Stewart. She recently opened up her many offices near the Hudson River in New York to show us where the creativity happens. [Note: Yes, the same Hudson River the Airbus crashed into on January 15th, she even has photos here!] The offices are so fun, and personal and are just asking to be used! I think these real images are even more inspiring than flipping through the pages of her magazine! Drop on by Behind the Scenes and read the comments behind these creative workplaces, they totally add to the images!

The office desks

Inspiration Boards
Prop Storage... aka...Heaven

Too good to be true? Well I talked to one of my friends who worked there on an internship and she said that is exactly how the offices look! Amazing! Although, I guess I shouldn't be that shocked, if any office would be clean and organized, it would be Martha's!

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