Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictou Landing Health Center

Flying home from somewhere to somewhere else, on some plane, run by some company I read this article about a First Nation Health Center in Nova Soctia. While quite interesting at the time, I forgot about it, until recently. Low and behold, I found what I had read.... and am I glad I did! This is such an amazing structure and idea, that I just have to share!

Architecture Week

If you are interested in how they built this, then you should check out the article in Architecture Week. Here is a quick summary: The building was designed by Brian Lilley and Richard Kroeker and was based on the Native longhouse structure, a traditional winter lodge of the Mi'kmaq which bends and binds still green spruce poles.


Every aspect of the building explored the ancient Native building techniques and tried to use them as much as possible, instead of simply trying to exploit shallow symbolism. Natural materials such as sphagnum moss, bark, rocks, and earth were all used to built this structure. They also used members of the First Nation community while building to not only receive their input and give then a sense of pride in the building, but also to cultivate skills in this community where the majority of people are unemployed.



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