Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rich[ardson] Bedrooms

Sarah Richardson is a well known (almost famous?) Canadian designer and stylist who has had several shows (Room Service and Design Inc.) and has her own line of furniture. Her latest project is inviting HGTV viewers into her newly purchased house and watch her renovate the whole thing, while pregnant! The show is called Sarah's House.

I haven't watched many episodes, but I did catch a bit of one focusing on her master bedroom. The room was so simple and elegant, I had to share.



While browsing for the Master bedroom before and after photos I found some images of her new guest room, even more inspirational ! (I especially love it because of the Black, White, and Green - the colour pallet I wanted for my bedroom...) Maybe Sarah will want to redecorate her guest room in the near future and donate all her 'old' items to me!

I can't believe how much light there is in this basement room! It's like it isn't even below ground!
And this is how it looked before!!

All images from HGTV

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