Thursday, February 5, 2009

Afraid of the Dark

Does anyone remember that series "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" based on the novels by Sidney Sheldon? Well, I felt like one of the characters in that show last night...and I will fully admit - I am afraid of the dark. I am still asking myself why voluntarily I in went into a forest outside of town at night... (ah what we do for skiing!) And why I let my imagination get the best of me? I'm 25 years old, I should be able to reasonably convince myself that the bogey man doesn't exist! But the forest was eerily, quiet, and full of shadows... Several times I jumped around sure that something was behind me ready to attack! I think this means no more scary movies if I ever want to grow out of my fear of the dark!

Good thing I am not afraid of rooms with a dark pallet!

Marie Claire Maison via Designers' Brew

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