Monday, February 2, 2009

Easy Eco Mondays - Be fish Aware

Since moving to Vancouver I have developed an appreciation for fish... not only because they are tasty and so readily available here, but more that they are almost intertwined with life. Fish design, and drawing are found everywhere, while remnants of fish can also be found washed up on the shore. This constant reminder makes me question... what fish (or seafood) can be consumed in a sustainable fashion? I am of course not the only person wondering this so I went on the hunt for some resources.

Jocelyne Beaudoin

  • David Suzuki's Green Guide has some top choices: Catfish (US farmed), Clams (farmed), Halibut (wild, pacific), Pollock (wild, Alaska), Rainbow Trout (farmed) and Tilapia (US farmed).
  • The Environmental Defense Fund also has a list of fish ranging from Eco-Best to Eco-Worst. Everything from Mussels to Crab to Shark are on the list. They also have a sushi fish list.
  • Monteryey Bay Aquarium has a Seafood Watch Pocket Guide and now a feature where you can have it synced to your iphone, so you are up to date and can make informed decisions on the go.
  • Foodgal a fellow blogger even recommended a sustainable sushi bar Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar in San Fransisco (if you are every visiting)
As I go out to buy my weekly groceries, I will keep the Seafood Watch guideline close to me!

Victoria Granof
(Note: This week is the State of the Salmon Conference here in Vancouver, it is the second international conference dedicated to the conservation of Pacific salmon. Fitting time to be thinking about fish consumption!)

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  1. Great list Ashley - I often refer to the David Suzuki one, but always meaning to research this a little more. : )