Monday, February 9, 2009

Easy Eco Mondays - Transportation Habits

My work calender has a sustainable tip each month, and I thought I would share... February's focus is on Transportation. This is what it reads:
"Change your habits so that living green isn't a daily task but a natural behaviour. If everyone left their car at home one day a week it would make a huge difference. Biking is good for your health (and possible here in February!!) and the health of the planet. Don't like to ride a bicycle? Try walking, walking just 30 minutes a day has numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, boosting good cholesterol and reducing your risk of a stroke. Share a ride one or two days a week and you'll get to know a neighbour or co-worker better, save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint."

Via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

I think the tip is trying to portray that it only takes minimal extra effort to make a environmentally sustainable transportation decision. The difference between talking about it and actually doing it is small. 10 extra minutes of planning can make your environmental wants a reality...

Check out this guy - he is training for a Marathon by actually running all of his errands! Via TreeHugger

If driving is the only way to work, then try and be more sustainable in other transportation areas, walk to get your groceries, or run errands. I know I am going to take transit more even though it is longer. Today I spent the time on the bus reading instead of trying to dodge poor drivers. I also just remembered that one of my co-workers lives near me, I am going to ask her today if she would like a ride tomorrow. It's the little things that really add up!

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