Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep it fun....

I didn't want to mention it, I wanted to ignore the day was even upon us, but alas I'm going to acknowledge tomorrow... Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like the whole idea of Valentine's Day. I find it so serious, dramatic and most often desperately depressing. But this year I want to lighten it up! Forget flowers, forget romantic notes, forget expensive gifts, or lavish jewellery... I'm just going out and doing something I love with someone I love simple as that. So what is it that I am going to do?.. I'm going skiing because I love love it. It's fun, carefree and light hearted - how I think Valentine's Day should be.

Here are some light hearted V-dayesque rooms, with some pink that I can actually stand to look at! (Gasp! I know - I don't like pink either!)

Lip gloss is always fun, and pink is the best lip colour! Via Blueprint Bliss

I love this quilt! I don't know what is so pleasing about it, but I would have it in a guest bedroom in a all I need is a guest bedroom! My Home Ideas Via A Life's Design

Pops of pink are good. Especially with black and white. Via La Dolce Vita

Pink can be balanced out when paired with calm dull colours such as this grey. I love grey. Via Cote de Texas

Despite the recent pink trend and being around February 14th, this took me a surprisingly long time to compile!... But after looking at these, I admit, I don't totally hate pink, I just won't be painting my walls pink any day soon, especially that pink that is somewhat close to Pepto Bismol pink... and I have seen quite a bit of that lately!

Hope you all have a fun and lovely weekend!

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