Sunday, February 1, 2009

K.T. Tables

My dear friend Katie moved into her first one bedroom apartment. It's a beautiful pad with huge windows tons of sunlight and a great open flow. Now comes the fun part - decorating! She already has a couch, TV and bookcase, so now we are on the hunt for coffee tables.... simple right? Well not quite, Katie has strict thoughts of what she wants from her pieces of furniture (and rightly so!) For the coffee table Katie wants something with an open bottom so she can put her feet under the table, no glass or metal and a simple design (and maybe some storage...). So with that criteria in mind, I have found some that I think will fit, and are available in Canada.... Take a peak Katie....

I know you don't want metal, but these ones are dark and feel lightweight, might be what you need next to your couch!

Remember the table we saw last Sunday? These are other options... and not as expensive! The second one even folds out if you want to make it into a low dinner table!
Simple and sleek, storage, foot room, no metal or glass and about the right size.

I think you can fit your feet under these ones! I love the natural wood of the first one (although it might be too country for you, and the second one is pretty much my classical favorite! There is a storage shelf, but it looks high enough - some baskets or IKEA boxes on there and you will get your storage and coffee table in one!

Last but not least - simple but perfect. Great wood grain, nice solid legs, and a smooth top. You could put baskets/boxes under the table for storage and then move them when you want to put your feet under the table.

A few things I figured out while searching. There is a surprising number of coffee tables without room to put your feet under them. For simple designs The Bay and Sears are good options, they are starting to carry more modern designs. Check out Crate and Barrel, (see below) there are some great ones on that website, I don't know if they ship to Canada but it might be worth a trip to the US!

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  1. I want that Kelsey coffee table from Sears! But I can't find it on the Sears website and Sears can't find it in their system. Whudup? Any ideas on how I can get that table?