Monday, February 2, 2009

Messy Boots

As the rain poured down yesterday I went rain boot shopping with one of my friends. I must admit, it is surprisingly hard to find a good pair of rain boots in this wet town! Well that is, it is tough to find a good pair that does not have a nauseating busy/tacky pattern, are not more than 100 dollars (come on they are rain boots after all!), do not have heals or aren't some drab cold weather colour. We didn't have any success yesterday, but it did remind me of this great project posted on Apartment Therapy Boston last week on how to manage your wet and muddy boots once you seek comfort in your cozy abode.

This DIY is simple and cheap. Katie, the mastermind behind this idea explained that she took two unrelated IKEA items and put them together to form a boot tray. She used the lid of the"Ladis" plastic storage bin and some shiny garden stones. Together they became this innovative, easy to use, and smart looking boot tray!

This will give me one less excuse to not fulfill my new years resolution!

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