Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out for Lunch

Today at lunch I did something completely out of character. I got up and just started walking. I wasn't going to get food, or meeting anyone, I just decided to go was like I was possessed. With my camera in hand I took photos of everything. I tried to keep my focus on taking photos close up, focusing on the texture, and form. I have never taken a photography course before so I had no clue what I was doing... I am sure I looked especially weird, walking around a suburbia office/light industrial area taking close up photos with my mini point and shoot camera! But I didn't care, I crouched down on the road, pointed my lens to the sky and crawled around in a playground until my memory card was full. Please be kind, this is my first random photo session....

(Note: Thinking back on this random act of mine - I realized that it was a culmination of many things - Finding my camera, returning to civilization, realizing that I didn't document my last work assignment very well, commuting to work, the time of year and the sunny skies. Not so random after all!)

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