Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter Activites

While I was on my blogging hiatus I came across this great list of Winter Activities from Pure Style Home, which seems quite fitting considering I woke up to snow on my car on yesterday morning. So before winter is over I thought I would follow up and add some ideas of my own to her wonderful list!

Via Ruth

1) Read a book or the newspaper. If you need some inspiration go check out A Cup of Jo since she has posted a couple of times asking what good books are out there.
2) Fix things around the house, or your clothes. You have been wearing your winter clothes for a couple months now, and you must have found some stitching has come undone, there is a hole in your pocket, or over your big toe. If you fix it before the season is out you won't forget about it for the summer. If that sounds too boring you can always watch a movie or listen to a book on tape (wow, sewing and listening to books on tape - I sound old!)

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3) Get ready for your summer activities. Do you bicycle in the summer? Hike? Run? Play soccer, golf? Well whatever you do, start training now! The Internet has some great resources for sport specific training moves. I did this for the ski season this year, and I can't believe the difference!

4) Do you have a storage area? Do you have boxes in there from years past? You might not think so, but that clutter is putting stress in your life. Take some time to clean it out. It doesn't have to be all in one day (I took 1 month to clean out a closet - just did an hour every other day). The things you will find will make you laugh (or cry) and to be able to either clear it out or put it in a "proper" labelled spot will make you feel way more calm.

5) Change up photos. Do you have photos on display in your house? Do you want to switch them out? Maybe update them with photos from the last year. Now that you have the time, why not update them?

Via Design*Sponge

6)Get ready for birthdays - Spring and summer tend to have a lot of birthdays. For me, it seems like the whole month of May I am just running around trying to find, wrap and give birthday presents. I'm not very good at coming up with present ideas under stress either. I want to take this time in the Winter to think about presents for friends and actually purchase and wrap them so when the time comes I can just whip them out!

7) Go window shopping...especially if the weather is nice, you can take a long walk and check out the store fronts. I love looking at the displays and wondering why they selected those clothes to display and who put that outfit together. It might even give me some ideas for my own wardrobe!

8) Write a letter... it isn't only your grandma who appreciates letters. I'm sure many of your friends would love to have a hand written note from you. Add a photo of something you have done recently and send it off.... I'm sure you'll brighten their day no matter the weather!

9) Take some pictures. Winter, especially if you have snow can be a magical time of year, the lighting is interesting and at oblique angles (see my photo shoot) and the air is crisp and clean. (Hopefully!) Even indoors there are great textures to be had with all the warm willies!

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