Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buenos Aires street style

The sun is trying to peek through the clouds today, I have been aching for when the wet weather is gone and I can start to wear outfits like these! Buenos Aires women have such great style! I remember traveling through there and feeling so frumpy! My khaki pants, MEC pull overs, and hiking boots just weren't cutting it!

I wish I lived in the southern hemisphere in the winter months....

Images via Elle

The last two are by far my favourite! I love the beach feel of the yellow dress! So would you follow the summer around the world if you could?
(My friend is currently doing so - he went down to Australia during this winter, and is thinking of coming back just in time for summer to start here! Ahh the life!)


  1. I wish it was warm enough over here to wear those dresses :)

  2. I travel to Argentina and I saw great fashion tendencies.
    There are many great stores and I bought lots of clothes.