Monday, March 30, 2009

Easy Eco Mondays - Take Out

The best thing about living in Vancouver is that around every corner is a great restaurant! I love exploring different places and finding some good 'regulars'. My main vice is sushi, I could eat it morning, noon and night, and after a good swim, it is almost impossible to resist!
The other weekend, on the way home from skiing we all had a sushi craving, and before I could think twice, the food was ordered and we were making a detour to go pick it up! We picked up food for 5, took it home, divided it up and devoured the tasty bites! But when it was all said and done, there was a large mound of plastic sitting on the table. I felt gross, which might have been compounded from eating way too quickly, but the sight of all the containers was not that pleasing either!

Via Flickr

So what to do? I love my take out and I don't know what life would be like without it, but the waste (i.e. Styrofoam) that goes into every meal, is making me feel guilty. Are there any options? Can I have my take out and be green too?

I don't have much to offer in terms of solutions, maybe someone else has some insight?

The only solutions I can ponder up are:

1) Eat less take out, or eat in the restaurant.

2) See if you can bring Tupperware to the restaurant and transfer the food from a plate to your container. I believe there are some health issues with this, and many restaurants are not okay with this, but if you know the employees really well, there might be a way that this method could work.

3) Re-use the containers. My sushi container is usually (licked) clean when I am done with it, so why not pack my lunch sandwich in it? Or make it into a planter, as seen here...

4) Encourage your favourite restaurant to use biodegradable take out containers. Its been done here, here and here, however they have their limitations

Do you eat take out? Have you found a solution for the packaging? Any suggestions for my sushi take out dilemma?


  1. I finally stopped getting sushi take out... :(
    I think if you know a small place well enough they might let you bring tupperware? I was thinking of trying that.. Its a tough one though!!! C