Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ada Lovelace Day

Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day, a day for bloggers everywhere to draw attention to women in technology... Well I am one day late, but I have been dying to post about this wonderful little lady for a while and it just seems fitting!

You may not have heard of Emily Cummins, but she's famous, seriously, check it out here here here here and here... She is an inventor, or as she likes to call herself a sustainable designer. She has been winning awards for her inventions and designs since before she was 16! Since then she has won awards such as Future 100 Award (2008), Female Innovator of the Year (2007), Technology Women Of The Future (2006) and she is only 22 years old!
The invention that caught my eye is her solar powered fridge, which actually uses no electricity. This isn't your everyday refrigerator with solar panels on it... This invention is completely different. My explanation won't be able to do it justice so read about it from the inventor herself here, or from writers here and here. Inspirational isn't it?

I wonder what Emily will invent next!

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  1. A great choice of subject

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