Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Katie's Pad Part 2

A long while ago, my dear friend Katie was looking for a coffee table, while I was back at home we went out and scoured all day and didn't find anything! Later I hit the Internet and did some research - found several options and posted them. While searching I came across some other great items for her wonderful new apartment. So as I start to prepare for my Easter trip back home, I reminded my self of these wonderful pieces I have saved to show my dear Katie! Here ya go hun!

If you still want a desk in front of your window, these ones are great and could be used as dinning room tables too!

These ones are small and would be great in the corner where the bookshelf are! And look at all of the storage!!

This table might be a hall/sofa table but it reminds me of the one that we saw at Sojourn. It would look awesome in front of the window and can double function as a buffet...

...as well as be narrow enough to allow for another sitting chair, such as the lovely one below this table! (this might not be the ideal colour, but the shape is awesome! It would be a great height to pull up to the coffee table too!)

If you don't think you have enough room for the chair above, these ones would be good options, they could double function as desk chairs, dinning chairs or a family room chair for extra guests!

If you are leaning towards the bench with storage option for the window, here are some of my favourites!

Don't forget some storage! I love those square ottomans, although I also really like the ones we saw in leather!

And last but not least, side tables! I love this one, I think it is a night stand, but I love the simple design and all the storage.

And to add some texture and keep it casual and welcoming, these versatile floor cushions! They would be great to pull out when sitting around the coffee table eating or playing games! Scrabble battle! (you can also use them as foot rests!)

Here is the one catch: To achieve this look, we are going to have to go on a road trip to the States and visit a West Elm, since everything is from there (yes I am a bit obsessed!). So what do you think Katie? Anything that you like? What about everyone else? Any items that you love or could see in your place?

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  1. Hi There! Where is the white bench for under the window with the TV on it from?