Friday, March 27, 2009

Keep it going....

I have what feels like a million obligations and plans this weekend, and I am crossing my fingers that my timing works out so that I can get them all done and not disappoint anyone! (Which rarely happens! I am notoriously late, and always foul up best laid plans!)

Via Sfgirlbybay

Do you ever have weekends where you have these commitments, and you would normally want to do them, but since they are all occurring at the same time, you kind of feel like just blowing them all off? I wish my plans would plan to spread themselves out so that each weekend would be scattered with a few fun events, instead of having one weekend being chalker block full of things and the next be empty!

Via Apartment #34 and La Mia Vita

I wonder if I will ever find the balance (or the will to say no) so that I don't feel rushed and stressed over seeing people. This hurried state doesn't lend itself to a relaxing weekend, or very good conversations! I always feel like I am looking at the clock and my mind is planning how to get to the future events (or what is happening at the ones I am missing) instead of being in the moment. How do you find balance? Do you say no to events, and do you feel guilty?

So this weekend I am going to try and not over think things, or worry that my plan is flawed and that there are oversights! I am going to try and just stay calm, not worry about the future and enjoy myself... I'll let you know how it goes on Monday!

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