Thursday, March 12, 2009

Origami Folds

I used to love folding those paper cranes, so you can imagine how excited I was when I started seeing neat little folds and paperesque angles pop up on the red carpet, the catwalk and in home design. The designs these days are so much more sophisticated than those little cranes I used to fold up in my school days!

Yuko Nishimura via Origami Blog

I love the way that origami folds can create detail without additional products such as gems, embroidery, patterns or beads. Linked together, the folds can either focus your eye up towards the face such as seen on Cameron Diaz, elongate your silhouette as seen with Angelina Jolie or make you look all wrapped up like Marisa Tomei!

Via Origami Blog

I just have to add more to my love of how Angelina's dress uses two colours to add a pop and an element of 3D to her dress. It literally looks like it has been folded around her, and if she were to take it off, the whole inside of the dress would be yellow. Speaking of yellow - I love this origami inspired folded dress by Proenza Schouler.

Via the Origami Blog

Christian Dior Via Instyle

Collage via Origami Blog
The folds and angles are also finding their way into home decor. From pillows to beds!

PJ Pocket Pillow by Modern Twist via Apartment Therapy

Thomas Feichtner via Design Milk

Oh and I can't forget about how BIG of a statement those folded edges can make. Thanks Hedi!

Via This is London

I'm off to find my old origami book and make some folds.... If you want any more inspiration I suggest checking out Origami Blog, they are a great resource (as you can see from my credits!) and are totally dedicated to bring you everything folded, pleated and bent!

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