Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second time charm

I posted about my new years resolution to dress up a little more, which had me looking (untimely) at different accessories and jewellery including cocktail rings. While buying a real cocktail ring dripping with jewels is probably not going to happen in my lifetime, I always like to look! However this time I have found a frugal and unique alternative. Vintage rings.

I love the pearls in this one. It is classic. The blue adds a punch of colour and keeps it fresh! From Capricious Traveler's Etsy shop
Wow, this ring demands attention! I love the contrast between the red and the blue! Found on cuestaray's Flickr

First of all - I love the grey nail polish! I also love how shinny the ring is and the deep purplish black. Photography by Brittanie Shey, found on flickr

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